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So... it's taken me a while to process my normal existence here after getting back from Burning Man. It's always weird returning from something as surreal as that. For anybody who hasn't gone, it's difficult to describe what Burning Man is about, or what it's like. I'll do my best.

We set up a theme camp this year. Nothing quite to the scale of the best camps, but it was something at least. With some pink-papered tarps, a fake pool, and some astroturf, our RVs became "Paradise Motel," a cheap roadside motel with, most likely, hourly rates. We set up a PA system, dance floor, and sno-kone stand. The sno-kones were especially popular. It was fun to spin for the random collection of people that stopped by. I also DJed at the big gay camp across the street from us, sandwiched comfortably between Nikita (Wednesday night) and Honey Soundsystem (Friday). It was a weird crowd, with raunchy gay sex and no music going on when I showed up. Since there was only dead silence (with the occasional moan and slurp) and the dancers weren't there yet, I had to start kinda mellow. What do you play in that setting? But by the time their generator died (whoops), there was a pretty nice dance floor going. They eventually got the power back on, but I figured it was as good a time as any to stop. I had blinky lights to go look at. One of my live DJ sets from Burning Man is up on my site, of course.

I was plagued by some rather weird stomach problems the whole time but, despite all that, I managed to contribute a pretty fair amount and have a great time as well.

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