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Obligatory gay marriage reaction

In the short term, the gay marriage ruling is great news. We stopped by the Castro for dinner and there was literally dancing in the streets. But left to sleep on it, I'm left somewhat pensive. The reason for this is simple:

I hate being a fucking pawn.

It's true that I want to be a part of history, to be someone who got married when it first became legal. But do I want our wedding pictures to be used in right-wing propaganda without our permission? Do I want to be portrayed as an evil which is hellbent on destroying the country? The right-wing will vilify us for fun and profit and, if the protracted fight to get the Dems' nomination ruins their chances in '08, we'll be blamed by the left for spoiling the election again.

On the other hand, it's quite possible that the Republicans shot their wad on this in '04. At least some people realize now that they were duped into re-electing Bush on wedge issues such as this one. Others may be willing to hold their nose and vote against their social convictions based on foreign policy and economic views. But, most importantly, most of the swing states have already passed discriminatory constitutional amendments. There's nothing new to put on the ballot this year to mobilize voters. Massachusetts has allowed gay marriage for years and they haven't invoked Armageddon just yet.

So -- there's hope. But we have to take action this time. Serious action. We need to educate the public, build awareness, and -- most importantly -- VOTE. Don't let a permanent stain of bigotry get written into our state's constitution.
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